I worked as a Junior Product Designer at Wunderlist, the worlds most loved to-do app. During this time I designed multiple features and integrations including a redesign of Wunderlist for Android, and integrations with Microsoft Outlooks and Docs.com. I also illustrated marketing assets for the Wunderlist blog, helped with production design, and performed design QA across all of the apps. Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft in June 2015.

Wunderlist for Android

I led a redesign of Wunderlist for Android. The goal was to keep true the Wunderlist identity— color, typography, and iconography—while also incorporating elements of the newly released Google Material guidelines—intuitive navigation and bold animation. One of my favorite projects, it taught me the fundamentals of visual design and it started my obsession with pixel-perfect interfaces.

This project also pushed me learn the basics of XML and Android Studio so I could iterate and prototype changes without taking up valuable engineering resources. I lent heavily on this approach to hone and refine the design, and it's a skill I've taken with me in subsequent roles and projects.

Wunderlist for Outlook

After being acquired by Microsoft, one of my first projects was to integrate Wunderlist into Outlook Web through their “Add in” extensions. The goal was to give users access to relevant task actions while in the context of reading or sending an email.

In the reading pane we built an extension that used natural language processing to parse email content into an actionable To-Do's. We built two extensions here, the regular "Add to Wunderlist" extension which allowed users to preview the task before creating it (shown below), and a "Quick Add" extension which created the task in the background with just the click of a button.

In the compose pane we built an extension that allowed users to embed a link to their lists into the email. Anyone with access to this link could then join and contribute to the list. This was a first for Wunderlist--previously it was only possible to share to individuals--and it solved the problem of a slow and tedious sharing experience for larger teams and organizations.

Docs.com Integration

Docs.com was a platform where users can upload, share, and discover Microsoft Office documents. I worked on integrating Wunderlist into Docs.com so users could publish and share their lists to the world. I designed the end-to-end experience, from publishing lists within Wunderlist, to then consuming the content on Docs.com.

I worked closely with the Docs.com team to define the visuals for lists on the platform. We used the unique Wunderlist iconography and color to infuse the Wunderlist branding onto the page, but adapted the typeface and chrome to make the page feel cohesive on the larger Docs.com platform. The work also extended to helping their design team conceptualize a new homepage for Docs.com, focusing on a more curated, editorial, and visually striking approach to the product.